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Muscle Winch™ Mount Lead Kit for BRX02 88

USD $27.50

Part #: BRX029022


Muscle Winch™ Mount Lead Kit for BRX02 88

USD $27.50

Part #: BRX029022


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This is a set of Muscle Winch Mount Kit for the BRX02 88.

This kit gives you all the parts needed to use the Boom Racing Muscle Winch for BRX02 88.

A CNC aluminum winch mount secures a standard-sized Muscle Winch servo winch onto the chassis.

A pulley guides the winch line and change of direction. A routing tube is included to guide the winch line from the winch to the Winch Lead unit for smooth operations.

Access to the servo winch spool is straightforward and easy using the provided switch button, which gives you direct access and control of the spool of the Muscle Winch.

A 20cm long extension cable is included to connect the servo winch to the receiver box.


  • 1x Pulley
  • 1x Pivot Tube
  • 1x Winch Mount
  • 1x Tube Retainer
  • 1x Nylon Washer
  • 1x 20cm Routing Tube
  • 1x Winch Lead
  • 1x Switch Button #BR-36Switch
  • 1x Zip Tie
  • 1x Hook Holder
  • 12.9 Grade Hardware
  • 2x Washer

  • This Servo Winch Mount Kit is designed for the BRX02 88 using the Muscle Winch. The servo winch Mount will fit other standard-sized servo winches. The included Switch is designed explicitly for the Muscle Winch.